I didnt receive the sim


[Redigerat] - Ämnet har flyttats till abonnemang & kontantkort

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Hi @swasthik bhandary!

Welcome to our forum! We are very glad to have you here :)

I understand completely that you want your SIM-card and usually you recieve your SIM-card within 1-3 days from when you order it.

Unfortunately, we ran into some logistic troubles last week which delayed some SIM-cards.
Hopefully, you have recieved your SIM-card and that everything works fine.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day!
Myself Manoj Kumar, I ordered new sim card before 10 days but i did not receive the sim until now. and i have paid money for this month and its already half of the month. What is the problem? reply as soon as possible.
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Hi @Manoj Kumar!

If the SIM-card that you have ordered have not arrived yet, I would kindly ask you to contact our customer service through emal and/or chat since we at the forum do not have access to customer data.

Have a nice day!


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