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  • 31 July 2021
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I have changed my subscription to prepaid with 99KR/m option. It automatically showed card validity up to end of next month 31 Aug 2021 and Data balance 8GB.

  1. Not sure if I still need to top-up my card or it already did it for me ?
  2. And since my bank card details are saved, does it automatically charge my card?
  3. Moving forward, I will have to top-up my account manually every month, correct?

As I do not like it to be done automatically for me by Raspberry!

  1. If I need to skip topping-up for some months, how long would the prepaid card still be valid/active?
  2. How can I remove my back card details from my account since now it is a prepaid card and I can choose method of payment when I top-up every time?


Thank you


Bästa svar av Martin 16 August 2021, 10:28

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Hi @Nabil!

Sorry for a late response! :pray:

When you convert from a subscription to a prepaid card it tops up directly, so you don’t need to top it up again for the following 30 days. 

Prepaid cards are not automatically topped up, and you can leave your prepaid card empty for up to 12 months from the last top up before the prepaid card terminates due to inactivity. Your credit card details will still be saved even if you have prepaid card, as it is required payment method for top ups. Your credit card details remains as long as you have an active engagement with hallon, whether it be a prepaid card or a subscription. :slight_smile:


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