Got a new phone number

  • 5 januari 2021
  • 1 svar
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I ordered my Sim card yesterday and today I got an email saying that the Sim card was on its way so I logged in today to check out everything was ok and I realized that I will get a new phone number when I wanted to keep mine. My former mobile company was Telenor and when I cancelled my subscription they told that I had until January 11th to get a new mobile company to get a subscription and keep my phone number so I'd like to know what happened I only keep my phone number.

1 svar

Hi @Kokoshki!

No need to worrie, it’s just a place holder until your number transfer is complete as that takes a couple of workdays. If you haven’t requested a number port in yet you can contact customer service and thy’ll help you order one. :slight_smile:



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