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  • 26 August 2021
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Was OK for years now gone. Hallon see no problem. Not my dongle tried two. How to prove they have a problem? 


Bästa svar av Martin 26 August 2021, 11:40

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I put the Sim in my 4g phone. Works OK. Maybe 3g turned off?

Hi @Sexton!

When you put the SIM-card in your phone, did you have to enter a PIN-code?

The SIM-cards PIN-code in a dongle can be the cause of the problem since you need to enter it in the dongles interface for it to work. You can turn the SIM-PIN off in your phone for ease of access and we have some guides here how you do that.

Looking forward to your respons and hope it helped! :relaxed:

Yes I did enter the pin code in all devices.

The dongles had worked for years before this week.

Now I see how much faster the 4g phone is as a hotspotthe 3g dongles can be forgotten.


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