Rich Text Communication Support - RCS (Chat support)

  • 10 September 2021
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Has anyone been able to get RCS working with hallon? I switched from Comviq to hallon and now RCS doesn’t work anymore. I cannot see the status (like delivered, seen etc and realtime updates) in Samsung messages app (Galaxy S10) anymore. I have confirmed my phone number again for RCS communications and I cannot see any indication that RCS is not supported from settings. But it simply does not work it seems. Checked with my wife’s Samsung Galaxy A52 phone also.


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Har nog fungerat i 1 år för mig, först en Xiaomi och nu en Pixel.


Har nog fungerat i 1 år för mig, först en Xiaomi och nu en Pixel.

Tack. Perhaps I should wait and see. I think the problem is with operator change (nummerflytt) and now Google rich communication servers not accepting the new operator (or sim?). When I enable rich communications, I get a prompt to confirm my number, but it still doesn’t work. I have tried with Google messages instead of Samsung messages and still the problem persists.

I tried to disable chat services (thinking this will somehow reset the RCS systems) from following link and it also doesn’t work.


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