SIM not provisioned

  • 3 september 2020
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A few days ago I received my Hallon SIM as a new customer. I plugged it into my dual SIM phone and waited a couple days, but it still doesn’t work with the message “SIM not provisioned”. I switched the SIMs and it still didn’t work while the other SIM worked in either location, so it’s not a hardware issue. I did notice the PIN and PUK listed in mina sidor is not the same as on the SIM I received. Was this possibly a simple mix-up?

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Hi @koolcal!

That could be possible, yes - I’ve sent this to our customer service team so they can contact you ASAP and help you with the SIM-card. They’ll contact you via e-mail, so keep an eye on your inbox and junk mail if it would land there for some reason.